Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reflection on Six ENGL 866 Blog Posts

This week, I read and commented on six blog posts written by my classmates. 

     1) Bea's Reading Notes: 2/13

     2) Jennifer's Archives & Identity: Public, Private, and Communal

     3) Smitha's The Language of New Media (Post #1)

     4) Eric's Materiality and Realism in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

     5) Cheri's Taking the Humanity Test

     6) Amanda's Canonical Text Part I

I wanted to read a mixture of posts that would include posts about people's canonical texts as well as posts about information from the texts we have read together as a class.  Overall, my impressions were really positive and I was really impressed by my classmates' critical discussions and  analyses.  They used a diverse range of formats and styles, and they all offered unique, informative, and thoughtful perspectives.  What I liked most about the exercise of reading other people's blog posts was that it afforded me the opportunity to really understand how more than just two or three texts can relate to each other.  I am starting to have a better sense of how authors and theorists in the field of new media draw from each other and use each others' ideas to support or challenge.

I think the most important thing I learned from this week's exercise was that I am repeatedly gravitating toward a few related concepts: archive, memory, information and materiality (embodiment). I'm interested in learning more explicity about how these concepts might work together in the context of new media.

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