Sunday, February 19, 2012

C.R.A.P. - Principles of Website Design

I am using this short post as a way to keep a few notes for myself and keep track of which materials I reviewed about C.R.A.P. Principles of Website Design...

Video: C.R.A.P. - Basic Layout and Design Principles for Web Pages
  • Contrast - text (color, size, font), layout (colors to draw the eye across page)
    • separate unlike elements
  • Repetition - colors, font
    • repeat aspects of design
  • Alignment - justification (left, center, right - find a balance in particular region)
    • justifying to emphasize key points
  • Proximity - everything that's alike should be close together (can also be closely related to alignment)
    • limit and separate unlike elements
Webpage: A CRAP way to improve usability
  • "aesthetic usability effect" - people believe that if a design is more attractive there will be greater ease of use
  • 4 key principles of visual design
    • Contrast
      • directs user's eye to what is important
    • Repetition
      • internal consistency (within your application)
        • fonts, icons, headings, links, list styles, page layout
      • external consistency (with the platform you are designing for)
        • standard buttons, link colors, search results
        • common elements of web pages should be in standard locations
      • "the task is the common denominator"
    • Alignment
      • elements of design should align horizontally and vertically
        • design interface to underlying grid
    • Proximity
      • if you place elements in a user interface near each other, people will think that they are related somehow
      • this will help build conceptual model of how interface is structured
Slideshow: C.R.A.P. Design Principles

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