Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Text Wiki Draft Reviews

This week, I reviewed the drafts of two of my classmates' wiki pages:
Technologies of Wonder - Bea Sink's Wiki
Designing Culture: The Technological Innovation at Work - Crystal Tubbs' and Smitha Butts' Wiki

It seemed like both of their drafts might be works in progress, but I was able to get a great sense of their texts from their wiki pages.  As an aside, I really like being able to get a glimpse of the unfinished wiki pages because I like to be able to see where people start with their work and then compare it to a final product.  It gives me an idea about different ways that people approach a project, and I like to see how to project evolves from start to finish.

The thing that both of these wiki pages had in common was that they were both text-heavy and were somewhat limited with regard to the format options so far.  I would consider myself a visual learner - especially when consuming digital content - so it can be hard for a wiki page lacking in visual/interactive elements to hold my attention. Nonetheless, I think all of the wiki authors will do a good job at "selling" their texts, and I look forward to seeing their presentations and final drafts. 


This week, Cheri, Bea, and Diane reviewed our wiki page:
The Filter Bubble - Laura and Eric's Wiki

I am working on a wiki for The Filter Bubble with Eric Sentell, and I'm really excited about our concept, which is based around the idea that we have created a "filter bubble" for our wiki readers.  I was so excited to read the comments by Cheri, Bea, and Diane, because they all picked up on the fact that the format/navigation scheme for our wiki was connected to the concept of creating a filter bubble. 

Cheri suggested that we add a small explanation for how the order for the pages was chosen, and honestly that part is something that Eric worked out, and I'm not clear on it myself. However, I was happy that the unexplained navigation was actually frustrating/confusing to the reader, because it goes along with the idea that the filter bubble "gives you what you want, whether you want it or not!"

I plan on making some of the recommended suggestions from my classmates:
  • clarify navigation
  • include 1-2 line summaries of videos
  • fix alignment/format of the subpages and make them CRAP-pier
  • add citations/alt-text for images
I hope we can pull off our ambitious wiki! It has been a lot of fun to conceptualize and put together, and I feel so fortunate to have had Eric as a partner who had the technological know-how to set up the survey and make the choose-your-own-adventure idea for the wiki a reality. :)

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